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Meet 17 Sport’s Antonio Vizcaya Abdo

“There is a strong business case for having a solid, well-articulated purpose and by tapping into this power, sports organizations can transform the entire field of play.”

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3 min readSep 1, 2021


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At 17 Sport, our team sits across three continents, all driven by a common passion: To accelerate the transformation of sport into a force for good.

Working from Mexico and North America, Antonio Vizcaya Abdo is a Strategy Advisor, bringing panache and insight to our strategy team and sustainability knowledge. This is his purpose story; the what and the why driving our fusion of sport, business and purpose.

Why Sport?

“Sometimes, we can overlook or forget how much of a positive force can sport be, but let us bear in mind that every day millions of people participate and engage in sports, and in doing so, they inspire innovative solutions, raise awareness and bring people together.

Because of this, I believe that there is no better platform to make the world a better and more sustainable place and, even though we certainly need new ideas and a new story about what successful sports organizations and athletes look like, I know that we can be the generation that makes the sports industry better.

Sometimes external pressures can cause sports organizations to become somewhat disconnected from their role in society. So, the opportunity to help these organizations enhance their impact on society is unique.”

Why 17 Sport?

“I think of businesses, including of course sports organizations, as vehicles for meeting community needs and improving people’s quality of life so the idea for me that each company or organization should stand for something bigger than profit or pure sporting success is key.

Be that as it may, not many sports organizations understand the power of purpose, and yet I believe it is the key to changing the story of the sports industry and truly push these organizations to become a force for good. Thus, 17 Sport is the ideal place for me to help sport organizations strengthen their role in the community and enhance their positive impact on society, whilst also delivering commercially.”

Aspirations for the Remainder of 2021

“COVID-19 put the spotlight onto sports organizations as fans and supporters want to know what the organizations they follow are doing for, with, and to the world. Without a doubt, the need for sports organizations to show that they are good members of society and that they are striving to add value to all their stakeholders has never been greater.

Many organizations are now acknowledging that to survive in this ever-changing world they must integrate a social commitment and a long-term vision into their business agenda, as well as demonstrate that they contribute to the positive development of society.

Therefore, the growing trend towards sports organizations with purpose is becoming a basic feature within the new environment we live in. Society’s expectations are growing and the long-held assumption that sports organizations exist just to make money or to achieve sporting success is being challenged.

As a result, many organizations are now putting purpose at their core and applying their power to generate positive impact on communities, the environment and, at the same time, boost organizational performance.

Increasingly, there is a strong business case for having a solid, well-articulated purpose and by tapping into this power, sports organizations can transform the entire field of play. The industry needs to embrace and integrate a multi-stakeholder-oriented purpose to navigate today’s volatile and uncertain environment to do good - and do well.”

Absolutely spot on.

The Mini-Bio

Currently Strategy Advisor at 17 Sport and General Secretariat Manager at the Mexican Football Association, Antonio is passionate about social impact, sustainability, development and purpose-driven business. Connect with Antonio on LinkedIn

At 17 Sport, we’ve built a diverse, global team of experts who are all driven by a common passion - to build a positive future for the world through sport. The team has experience at the highest level of sports and business working with global brands, mega-events, teams, nonprofits and athletes. Together, we apply unrivalled sports and purpose expertise to tailored solutions that drive social, environmental and commercial returns. Connect with us on LinkedIn



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