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Meet 17 Sport’s Brianna Salvatore Dueck

“It has been an absolute joy helping stakeholders across the sporting ecosystem discover and enact purpose-driven strategies.”

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4 min readJul 28, 2021


17 Sport team member Brianna Salvatore Dueck plays basketball whilst at UConn.
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At 17 Sport, we have built a diverse, global team who are all driven by a common passion - to build a positive future for the world through sport. Not only does the team have experience at the highest level of sports and business, our team members are energised by their own personal purpose; the individual why behind our fervent belief that the sports industry has immense power to inspire positive social change. This is the purpose story of Brianna Salvatore Dueck, Senior Strategy Consultant.

Why Sport & Why Purpose? The Origin Story

I will never forget the excitement and anticipation I felt as I laced up my 2004 Shaq basketball shoes in preparation for my first ever official basketball practice. My passion for sport, and for the camaraderie, competition, and excitement which accompanies it, immediately took hold, bringing with it a plethora of positive benefits in my own life. I felt a sense of belonging and connection with my teammates, I gained self-confidence, and I began to excel in the classroom - all areas which prior to my involvement in basketball had been otherwise difficult due to the trauma of losing my mother at a young age.

I was also fortunate enough to realize my dreams of playing both NCAA Division I college basketball (UC Davis) and professional basketball (Switzerland’s top league). Through these experiences playing basketball, I’ve been able to witness firsthand the beauty and power of sport in serving as a bridge builder. Whether stepping on the court to play basketball in China, Togo, Switzerland, or California, there always seems to be a common connection and mutual respect fostered amongst players, often sparking long-lasting friendships.

The revelation that I could combine my passion for sport and impact as a career came to me while playing professional basketball in Lausanne, Switzerland, the ‘Olympic Capital of the World’. Being in such an inspiring city, just a short 30-minute train ride from the United Nations Office of Geneva, sparked in me the desire to chase after my new dream: fostering collaboration across the sports industry and NGO sector in order to make the world a better place. This led me to pursue my masters degree in International Development from Sciences Po, Paris. I then had the opportunity to work within the United Nations System (UNESCO) on the subject of sport for development and on the G7 “Gender at the Center” Initiative. During my time at UNESCO, I was able to conduct custom research on the subject of sport for development and the role of sports diplomacy in facilitating inter-governmental collaboration (among many subjects). I then had the opportunity to work at Nielsen Sports as a strategy consultant, an experience which revealed to me the potential role the sports industry can have in contributing to making the world a better place, namely, through mobilizing its resources and reach to tackle many of the world’s most pressing issues.

While all of the above-mentioned experiences were certainly building into my larger dream “fostering collaboration […] to make the world a better place,” I still sensed that I could do more and there was untapped potential as it concerns sport as a tool for impact. This is ultimately what led me to find and join 17 Sport.

Why 17 Sport?

I first learned about the mission of 17 Sport after reading the Legacy Sport book, authored by our co-founders. I was immediately inspired by the pioneering efforts of the company to help stakeholders within the sports industry to “do good (having a positive impact on society) while doing well (positive ROI).” I thought to myself “this is literally the company I was hoping to start in a few years!”

It seemed like the absolute perfect fit for me, allowing me to combine my experiences as a professional athlete, my masters degree in International Development, my experiences with UNESCO, & my work in the sports industry as a strategy consultant with Nielsen Sports. This ultimately led me to join 17 Sport and I haven’t looked back. It has been an absolute joy thus far helping stakeholders across the sporting ecosystem discover and enact purpose-driven strategies.

I’ve also had the chance to spearhead our newest Social Return on Investment offering which I truly believe will change how we value success within the sport business. Perhaps the most inspiring part of this new role is the opportunity to work alongside a team of individuals & with clients who are passionate about helping the industry leverage its reach, influence, and resources to make a tangible positive impact. I believe the future is bright and I look forward to seeing how our industry steps into our full potential to be a force for positive impact!

The Bio

Brianna Salvatore Dueck is a Senior Strategy Consultant at 17 Sport where she works with the top properties and brands within the sports industry to maximize their capacity to have a positive impact on society (i.e. purpose-driven strategy) while also meeting strategic business KPIs.

Prior to 17 Sport, Brianna worked as a consultant at Nielsen Sports where she provided strategic analysis and recommendations on sports media valuation, sponsor fit and strategy across key stakeholders in the Sports and Entertainment industry with clients including Doordash, Los Angeles Lakers, & the Las Vegas Raiders among others.

She has additionally been an international speaker on the topic of Sport for Gender Equality and Sport for Development at various panels including for the European Union and Federation International de l’Automobile and at the Global Sports Week in Paris, France.

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