Sport, Good Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and the Sports Industry

How Businesses and Brands Can Transform Society Through Mental Health Interventions

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Mental Health is Everyone’s Business

The benefits of exercise on mental health are well documented. But why should the business world care?

Getting Active: Replacing Good Intentions with Impact

As Brands on a Mission explored in their latest Substack article, brands must become actionist brands. At 17 Sport, we wholeheartedly agree. Here are some examples of activation within the sports space and ideas to inspire your next move towards truly embedding purpose into your business models to do good, while doing well.

  • Actively prioritize mental health in your brand partnerships with athletes. It is all too easy to speak of athletes as ‘business assets’, but we must remember athletes are humans first and foremost, and that they experience mental health issues at comparable rates to the general population⁶. Reasonable press conference requirements are a good place to start.
  • Speaking on athlete mental health, CEO and Co-founder of 17 Sport Fabien Paget summarized his thoughts: “For us, when we represent athletes, helping them define their purpose beyond sport is a powerful tool in cementing mental wellbeing, and complements the work of sport psychologists, effective coaches and responsible business behaviour. Athletic performance is just one dimension of who an athlete is — and it is our responsibility in the sports industry to support the whole athlete.”

The Business World Can Make Mental Fitness a Reality

Despite the positive impact of physical activity on mental health, and indirectly on the health of your business, organizations and brands are currently lagging in creating impact at the intersection of sport, lifestyle, and mental health.



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